Experiencing My First Blizzard in 30 Years!

This weekend, the worst blizzard since 1979 hit Washington D.C. Ironically, I was living here at the time. I don’t remember that snowstorm because I was two years old, but this one is definitely one I will never forget.

I was actually planning to be at my best friend’s wedding in Atlanta, but at 5 p.m. Friday night all the flights were being cancelled for the following day.  Preparation for the storm began. Luckily, I had enough food and water for both myself and Nikki (Nikki is my four and half year old finnish spitz).

Sitting inside the warmth of our home, Nikki and I watched as the snow fell heavily. Our balcony was a proof  of the accumulation (more than 3 inches of snow remains on it).

Nikki and I did go outside a couple of times and it felt like a winter wonderland. I remember one guy telling me “It’s not a good time to walk out there.” He was right. The wind was blowing and the snow was flying in our face. But, for some reason Nikki and I still managed to have some fun. See, the snow wasn’t slushy. It was instead very fluffy! I actually threw some in the air while Nikki tried to figure out what direction to walk.  I have say though, one of my favorite moments was watching Nikki stare at the snow thinking, “Hmmm should I jump in or not.”

But, the best part of the storm was that it forced me to spend time with myself, reminisce about the past years, the obstacles I faced as well as my accomplishments. In addition, it gave me some downtime. So here’s what I learned about myself:

  • My former boyfriend was “defintely not into me” . And though I knew it for a long time, watching “He’s Just Not that Into You” for the third time helped me deal.
  • I love Julia Childs. And, Merryl Streep does a damn good job playing her in Julia & Julie.
  • I absolutely love Town and Country Magazine. I love the articles, and absorbing myself in other people’s lives.
  • I am missed at major events. Though I missed my best friend’s wedding everyone I talked to mentioned to me how much they missed me and it made me feel loved.
  • A New Year is just around the corner. But, this year was full of lessons and opportunities that will flourish during the new year.

And, finally, how much I love laying with my dog.  What did you do during the winter storm? What were some of your favorite moments and what did you learn about yourself?

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