My Search for Degas

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. The level of activity over the last few weeks has decreased somewhat due to the weather–two major snowstorms in one week and bitter cold have definitely not made it an ideal time to meander through one of the nation’s most fascinating cities.

But, for the first time in weeks, the sun was shining on this Saturday morning, and there was a warmth in the air.  It was definitely a day to take advantage of, and so I did.

I decided to adventure off to the National Gallery of Art, one of my favorite museums in Washington D.C. The entrance is simply beautiful. Upon entering this treasured establishment, you are greeted by a beautiful fountain, which is surrounded by bright colored flowers. The sounds of waters flowing are serene, and help you find your center before you make your way through main galleries.

I went to the National Gallery of Art this afternoon with a mission. I wanted to visit with my favorite artist, French impressionist Edgar Degas. I had been a fan of Degas since I could remember. His ballerina paintings were always some of my favorite. And, no matter how many times I had seen them, the level of excitement was always the same.

I made my way through the many different galleries in search of Degas. During my excursion, I became reacquainted with figures of the past, captured by artists whose works have survived centuries of wars, natural disasters and so much more.  They included De Goya, Fragonard (who painted one of my favorite paintings called La Liseuse. My parents purchased a replica of the painting, which hung in my childhood bedroom for years), Van Eyck and Gilbert Stuart, John Singer Sargent and many others, but not Degas.

I roamed the halls searching for Degas. I even traveled across the concourse into the East Building, where I viewed an amazing painting by Jackson Pollack and some by Matisse. But, no Degas.

After a couple of hours of visiting the National Gallery of Art, I decided it was time to go home. I did enjoy viewing the spectacular paintings by many artists that I had not viewed in years, but was somewhat disappointed that I did not meet my favorite.  Well, my journey  in search of Degas continues ……

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2 comments on “My Search for Degas

  1. So lovely to read about your art adventures!
    Keep looking for Degas, he has a message for you.
    fondly, sharon

  2. Sherrie Bakshi says:

    Thank you Sharon. You are such an inspiration to me.

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