A Stop to Meet Ms. Julia Child

My search for Edgar Degas took a detour this afternoon. Though, I am still searching for him, and my favorite ballerina paintings, I decided to make a stop at Julia Child’s kitchen for a delectable lesson in food and entertaining.

It was a gorgeous day in Washington D.C., and  after a delightful lunch at the Native American History Museum (the must place eat if you are spending a day at the National Mall), I met my friend Aimee for our afternoon with Julia.

I have always been a fan of Julia Child. But, I will admit, after watching Julie & Julia a couple of months ago, and learning more about her life and the amazing love she shared with her Dear Paul–I will admit that I am in more awe with her now than I had ever been.

Her kitchen is just as you had imagined, and as you gaze through it, you can see her standing in her kitchen saying, “I am Julia Child. Bon Appetit.”  The copper pans are beautifully arranged on the walls. The shelves are filled with books. And, the colors of the kitchen are inspiring.  Blue cabinets with silver knobs, green drawers and kitchen utensils hanging from the stove, white bookshelves in the corner, and did I mention, the simple table draped with a yellow tablecloth.

During my time at the exhibit, I learned that the kitchen served many purposes. It was a room for entertaining friends and family; it was a test kitchen where she mastered some her recipes like Boef Bourgeon and Poached Eggs, and it served as the set for her cooking shows.

As I made my way through the exhibit, I watched snippets of her shows and her life.  Julia was everywhere!

Julia died not so long ago, but her influence on cooking and entertaining remains strong.

Thank you Ms. Child for having us over for a delightful afternoon.

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One comment on “A Stop to Meet Ms. Julia Child

  1. Maria Lima says:

    Very cool! I used to watch Julia’s shows as a kid, just fascinated by her.

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