Ten Things I Didn’t Know Before I Went to Barbados

Last week, I traveled to one of the most amazing places that I have visited in years–Barbados.  If you haven’t been, then I highly recommend that you make plans now. It offers travelers everything they could possibly need–serenity, delicious food, amazing people and lots and lots of fun!

Upon arrival, I knew a little about this British commonwealth, i.e., it is a former colony, which gained its independence in 1966. But, there were definitely a few things that I had no idea about  until my visit. Here’s what they are:

  1. Cou Cou does not mean your crazy. It’s one of of the island’s most popular dishes and its delicious!
  2. Rum Punch, is by far, the island’s signature drink. You can find it at anywhere. Most locals enjoy it at local rum shops.
  3. Mini buses are the way to travel and one big party! For only $1.50 (.75 in U.S. dollars), you can see the island, get to know locals and enjoy some good music. You’ll also learn that there is a system from where you sit to how to pass the money.
  4. “Being Happy” is not just a feeling-it’s a way of life.
  5. You will swim with sea turtles, and its AMAZING!
  6. If you are lost, ask a local. They are always willing to help.
  7. Friday nights, everyone goes to Oistins, the local fish market,  for flying fish, blue marlin, cou cou, and great drinks!
  8. Nutmeg is good on absolutely everything!
  9. Locals call themselves Bajans and speak Baja (it’s English but at the speed of 5 words a second).
  10. Barbados was the third British colony in the new world.
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