You Can Never Go Wrong with Sonoma DC

I am by far a foodie. Working in the culinary scene for more than decade, I’ve had the opportunity to indulge in cuisines created by some of the nation’s finest chefs.  Living in D.C.  over the last couple of years, I have seen the city’s culinary world evolve.  Not only is the city attracting celebrity chefs like Wolfgang Puck and now, Bobby Flay, but it is the home of many great chefs like Charlie Palmer, Jeff Buben, Michel Richard and Top Chef’s Spike Mendolsohn.

But, like many DCrs, I do have my favorites that I return to often like Sonoma DC.  The restaurant is located just a few blocks away from the Capital off of Pennsylvania Avenue.  The combination of fine food and wine with a sophisticated, yet casual ambiance, makes it by far a great place to catch up with close friends.

I’ve been to Sonoma DC several times over the last year, and there has never been a day that I’ve come out disappointed. On this evening, the restaurant was buzzing!  Patrons were enjoying glasses of wine selected from Sonoma’s exquisite wine list paired with an assortment of cheeses.

On this particular evening ( a Saturday Night), I was hanging out with two girlfriends. I started off my dinner with the spinach salad with walnuts , blue cheese and balsamic onions topped with charred onion vinaigrette.  A perfect start to a really fabulous meal.

I decided to try one of the evening’s special, Gnocchi in a mushroom sauce topped with fresh, Romano cheese.  The thing is, you can never go wrong with Gnocchi at Sonoma. Chef Nicholas Sharpe and his team have perfected Gnocchi to where it melts in your mouth. Plus the servings as perfect. It’ just a enough to make you satisfied! And, paired  with an exquisite, Pinot Noir –trust me, you are in an ultimate food paradise.

We closed our delicious meal with a ricotta cheese cake topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and squash puree.   A delicious dessert for this time of year, the puree really brought out the flavors of the unconventional cheesecake.

And, though my dining experience ended with the cheesecake, I will be returning very soon. Hopefully trying something new!

Sonoma DC is by far on my Top 5 List!  If you are looking for a place to enjoy a great meal and conversation, then you definitely want to make reservations at Sonoma DC.

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