Buy Local!

This evening, I went to my favorite grocery store to pick up a few things for the week. I have somehow fallen in love with this place primarily because much of the food that they sell is locally produced.

My passion for supporting local artisans is something that did not stem from childhood, but from my work as a public relations professional in Charleston, SC. During this period, I learned a lot about the the region’s historic culinary world (I attribute my knowledge and passion to the city’s culinary community) and local artisans.

I’ve lived in D.C. now for nearly four years (hard to believe, I know!). There are so many interesting neighborhoods within the city and beyond its limits.  And as the capital of the free world,  you’d expect it to be difficult to find good local food. Well, it’s not.

Surrounded by some of the most beautiful terroir in the world, you can definitely find good, local foods and wines.  Here’s a few places to check out:

  • The local farmers’ market: Though, this time of year is rather cold. Come spring, you can find a farmers’ market in close proximity to your house.  Each year, the Washington Post provides a full listing of farmers’ markets in D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.
  • Mom’s Organic Market: This is my favorite supermarket. Why? You can purchase vegetables, meats, and even hummus and bread, which are locally produced. The tastes of your foods are exceptional, and the prices are by far very reasonable.
  • Virginia wineries: Just a mere 30 miles, you find yourself entering a new world. Virginia wines are fantastic. Plus,  during the warm months, spending the day out at one these places makes for a wonderful  and decadent adventure
  • Local farms. During the spring and summer, many people love to go out strawberry picking. Maryland and Virginia are full of a number of strawberry farms. I hope to adventure out to them this spring.

There are many reasons to go local, but my top reasons are quality, price and of course, the taste.  Fresh, local produce and foods always has an amazing taste (one that you can’t find anywhere else.)

Do you prefer buying local? Where are your favorite places to shop?

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