DC Wine Week Kicks Off With a Bang at Sonoma DC

Sonoma DC is by far one of the best wine bars and restaurants in D.C. Located just a few blocks from the U.S. Capital, you can never go wrong with it.  The restaurant’s ambiance combined with its delicious foods and exquisite wine list, makes it the perfect night out. And, the truth is, I’ll make any excuse to go there. So, when I found out that DC’s Wine Week Opening Party was to take place there, I knew I had to go!

There is one word to describe last night’s affair-“WOW!” There was the sense of excitement in the room. You could feel it with the energy in the room, smell it with the variety of delicious foods, and taste it in the wine selections.

Upon arrival to the party, my friend Aimee and I meandered our way to the bar. With so many selections to choose from, I decided to go with what I love the most–sparkling wine.  The bartender offered to pour me a glass of Schramsberg’s Mirabelle Brut.  The wine was simply divined and a total treat to my palate, plus it complimented the dishes and cheese selections very well.

Chef Michael Bonk really did an amazing job with the evening’s menu, offering a selection of delectable vegetarian tastings like the Leek Gazpacho with nutmeg and the black beans with a bit of tangy taste, which reminded me of one my favorite Indian dishes. But, I will admit,  I loved the meatballs. They were divine and paired well with my glass of wine.

The evening was by far a memorable one. It was fun to mingle with so many people. Few highlights of the night included chatting with Phenice Jones and DC Event Junkie Lisa Byrne.

The fun didn’t end with the party. We made our way downstairs to the bar and enjoyed one of the restaurant’s charcuterie spreads  with Focaccia bread (Thank you Evette!).

Are you planning to attend any events for DC Wine Week? Which ones?

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