On the Set of Foodie & The Beast

Last Sunday, I started my day on a fun note! I spent it on the set of Nycci and David Nellis’s Foodie & the Beast with The Reading Connection’s Executive Director Courtney Kissell, Chef Rob Valencia of Lyon Hall and Tallgrass Brewing’s Bill Desrosiers to talk about the organization’s annual fundraiser Of Wine & Words. The studio was filled with some of DC culinary worlds popular faces, including Bibiana’s Executive Chef Nick Stefanelli, Mary Kong of Girl Meets Food and a few others.

The studio was buzzing with excitement! Food, wine, beer and coffee were being passed around and everyone was just having a good time. We got to watch live as two of DC’s favorite bloggers, Mary Kong and Russell Warnick took part in an Iron Chef Competition (with Chef Stefanelli as the judge) to promote the upcoming Lamb Jam while LAMILL Coffee demonstrated and served some amazing coffee. I have to admit, watching the coffee brewing in such a creative manner was impressive.

We were were excited to talk about Friday’s upcoming Of Wine & Words, but we were also excited to meet some new friends. I am looking forward to returning later this month when Eventide’s Executive Chef Adam Barnett joins Nycci and David in the studio.

Listen to the show.

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