Favorite Moments at The Reading Connection’s Of Wine & Words

Last night I attended The Reading Connection 8th Annual Of Wine & Words and can I just say “What a night.”  Upon arrival, you could feel a sense of excitement in the air. Everyone there was in support of fighting illiteracy in our community while having a fabulous time!

This year,  some of Arlington’s top restaurants along with Virginia winery Chateau O’Brien, Tallgrass Brewing  and 300 guests came together in support of The Reading Connection.

As I mentioned earlier, there was something in the air last night. One could feel the energy throughout the room all night.

I have been honored to serve on the planning committee for the last two years. And, to see the event come to life in the form that it did last night–well it left me speechless.  But, of course, this wouldn’t be a true Sher in the City blog post if I didn’t talk about some of my favorite moments of the evening. So, here they are:

  • Jarrett J. Krosoczka’s reading of Ollie the Purple Elephant.  I absolutely loved his reading of it, and the evening band’s contribution of adding a personal score to the storytelling truly made it magical.
  • Food. Glorious food. These events are a great way to delight one’s palate and experience new flavors. With 10 restaurants, where does one begin? I began at Eventide Restaurant’s table (of course! I had to say hello to friend Chef Adam Barnett and Co-owner Nick Freshman), and check out the spread. Chef Barnett created House Cured Citrus Salmon With Gold Beet  Tartar Chermoula for the affair. It was delicious that I took a sampling of more than one. The combination of the salmon with gold beets was absolutely divine. The Lambtinis by Lebanese Taverna were awesome and I absolutely loved the presentation. Hummus, a pita bite topped with a lamb kabab in the martini glass made a perfect treat. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to make it to dessert.  Lyon Hall’s Chef Rob Valencia (and this year’s chef chair) had made an assortment of desserts. I got there too late to grab a mini chocolate cupcake. Next time!
  • The empowerment of the reverse auction.  This has always been my favorite part of any event, but to stand there with my friends with each of us raising our paddle to support The Reading Connection’s programs was simply empowering. I liked how it was done because it gave everyone an opportunity to make a contribution.
  • Introducing the cause to my friends. I have been volunteering with The Reading Connection for more than two years now, and I love it! But, when an event inspires your friends to volunteer that’s a good feeling.
  • Spending time with great friends and meeting new ones! I really enjoyed spending time with some of my best friends here in DC. And, meeting new ones. It makes me realize more and more how DC is truly becoming home.

Did you attend this year’s event? What were your favorite moments?

4 comments on “Favorite Moments at The Reading Connection’s Of Wine & Words

  1. katefsummers says:

    Great post! I loved the food, beer tasting, fantastic silent auction items, and time with good friends/fellow readers. What a super event!

  2. Thank you for your description of the foods. I never get a chance to linger at the food tables. What a fantastic volunteer you’ve been these 2 years, Sherrie. We couldn’t do it without folks like you.

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