Reviving Sher in the City

nikki017It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Honestly, I’ve been suffering from what many writers suffer often–“writer’s block”.  But, I’ve decided to revive (not re-launch Sher in the City), as I  know many of you enjoy reading my posts and my adventures through the nation’s capital.  And,  frankly, I love sharing my many stories.

The blog comes at a pivotal time in my life–a time of utter happiness and honestly closure to other parts of my life. A time to focus on me and my little family here in Washington DC.

I moved to Washington DC nearly six years ago (hard to believe how time has flown by so fast). As a young woman moving from the small city of Charleston, SC,  my original inspiration for Sher in the City, was to share tales of living in  “big city.”  But, I am no longer the small town girl living in the “big city.” I am a part of this city, and hope to continue to share my stories from another perspective.

So,here’s what you may if you subscribe to my blog:

  • Recaps from events that I have an opportunity to attend.  I have an opportunity to attend some fabulous events in this city like The Reading Connection’s Of Wine & Words  each March or the SC State Society Inaugural Ball in honor of President Barack Obama. I also  attend many speaking engagements that I hope to highlight in future blogs.
  • Interviews with inspirational people. One of the benefits of living in a city like DC are meeting people who inspired to see change. Whether, it’s  helping fight global violence or fighting illiteracy in our local communities, these people are change makers and really inspire individuals like me to be part of a bigger cause.
  • Excursions to some of my favorite local neighborhoods. You won’t find me hanging out in Georgetown all the time, but you will find me hanging out in my local neighborhood in Arlington, on 14th Street enjoying brunch at one of my favorite restaurants or in Chinatown where some of the hottest restaurants are located. (There is no way I will NOT be talking about food!

Finally, I will continue to share my personal perspectives, interviews with some of the city’s top foodies, recipes and more.

Don’t forget you can connect with me on social media as well:

Twitter: @sher_32
Instagram: sherriebakshi

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