Event Recap: WWPR Annual Meeting and Luncheon

Geoff LivingstonLast Thursday’s mini snowstorm did not stop some of DC’s top public relations professionals from missing out on WWPR‘s annual meeting and luncheon.  More than 100 PR people gathered at the Renaissance Dupont Circle Hotel to hear Geoff Livingston, marketing strategist and author of Marketing in the Round.

I’ve heard many talks on social media. I, myself have written about the topic, as well as conducted many trainings on the topic. Speaking to a room of public relations professionals, Geoff talked about the journey that social media has taken over the last couple of years, what he foresees are the roles of public relations professionals and technologies on the rise.

For years public relations professionals served as the gatekeepers of companies and organizations. We left the creative to our marketing and advertising peers. But, according to Livingston, the role of public relations professionals are changing and will continue to change.

There are two things from Geoff’s talk that stuck with me:

  • We are no longer just gatekeepers, feeding journalists information, but we are brand journalists. We use social media as another platform to publish information. And, though we know engagement is an important aspect of social media, at the end of the day, we simply view it as another place to “get our message out” about our brand.
  • Siri will be the wave of the future. Sooner or later text will become a thing of the past. Voice, video and audio will dominate the medium.

I believe this to be true as I myself am experiencing it in my own career. I do see public relations, advertising and marketing becoming more integrated. But, I also believe that the traditional duties of public relations professionals will still be needed.

Did you attend the 2013 WWPR Annual Luncheon? What did you take away from Geoff Livingston’s talk?

One comment on “Event Recap: WWPR Annual Meeting and Luncheon

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