Blogging Will Not Replace Journalism

420246_10152567071735057_663256024_nLast week I attended Twitch Communications, one of the many events hosted as part of Social Media Week DC 2013. This was my first social media week event (I wish I had the opportunity to attend more), but I have to say I very much enjoyed it.

The event was a panel discussion moderated by Amanda Littlejohn (@amandamogul), CEO of Mopwater PR. It was a good discussion on how social media has changed Journalism.

Since I started my communications career more than a decade ago, I have seen it evolve significantly thanks to technology, but the core values continue to be the same, and that’s the same for journalism.

Stacey Samuel (@sss2128), producer for CNN, made a statement that really struck me, “Blogging will not replace Journalism.”  I believe this is so true. Yes, bloggers can be very influential but it cannot replace news. Here’s why:

  • Bloggers are not reporters.  Bloggers talk about their passions, they provide their opinions on issues, share personal perspectives. They tell stories but on a much more personal level.
  • Blogger relations is not the same as media relations. Many PR people approach bloggers the same way they approach reporters, but that’s the wrong approach.   If you are looking to build momentum behind a cause/issue, use bloggers to help support your cause.
  • Journalists will continue to tell the news.  I definitely agree with Stacey Samuel. Bloggers have their role in the media world, but it cannot replace true journalism.

As I mentioned above, it was my first Social Media Week event and the only one I got to attend last week. I would have loved to attend more, but I am glad I did not miss this one.

Did you attend any events last week? Which ones?







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