My Name Means “Darling” in French. Seriously, What Did My Parents Expect?

An Indian-American girl with a French name that means “darling”: Seriously now, what did my parents expect?

sherinthecity061When I was growing up (actually until my Freshman year of college), I had an issue with my name.  I didn’t understand why my parents chose a French name for me instead of an Indian name like all the rest of my family and friends. Maybe, it was the fact that the first question people would ask me was why my name was Sherrie. When I got older, I got smart and would say, “Well, my dad was drinking a glass of Sherry just before I was born.” Or, “I was born in New Orleans around Mardi Gras, anymore questions?”

My mother says it is because of my birthplace. My father tells me that he always loved the name.  It had really nothing to do with their love of French food, wine or the culture (even though I do have an accent egu on the last “e”).

For years, I had a complex about my name. Looking back, I don’t know why because now I attribute my name for defining every aspect of my life. Here’s how:

  • I am more classic than  hip.  I love ballet slippers, cigarette pants, pencil skirts and simple black dresses. I also love long shirts paired with a fitted pair jeans and boots.  I think pearls go with anything.
  • You will find me ordering a croissant and a latte at my local coffee shop. There is no better way to start one’s day!sherinthecity002
  • I am an aficionado on cheese and wine. Champagne–my favorite!
  • I love the language and I love speaking it.  Whether it’s my dog or in the midst of a conversation, I am always throwing in a “Je ne sais pas” or a “Donc.”  It’s sad to say, but I think my French is better than my Hindi at times!
  • I am obsessed with French impressionism and ballet.
    I have a subscription to the Washington Ballet and I sometimes find myself meandering to the National Gallery of Art to hang out with some my favorite artists-Degas, Monet, or Van Gogh.

Yes, I love escargot and I’d prefer crepes over pancakes anytime. But, I credit my name for much more. My name helped start my path to life.  I believe it attributed me to my personality and my confidence. If it wasn’t for my name, maybe I wouldn’t have pursued the career that I have now grown to love, my passion for writing (I am still hoping to publish my novel one day), or the continued desire to pursue my dreams.

So, when it comes down to it, I am glad my parents chose the name Sherrie for me.
Do you believe your name defined your path?

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