Spring Means It’s Time for Rosé!

sherinthecity004Spring is officially here!  There are so many things that I love about this time of year–the weather, the food, the fact that it doesn’t get dark at 4 p.m. and you don’t have to make an excuse to enjoy a glass of Rosé .

Rosè Renaissance!

For many years, rosés were not the wine of choice for those that “appreciated good wine.”   But,  that’s no longer the case. Today,  one would define the taste of a good rose as “refreshing, crisp and simply lovely.”  Much of this can be attributed to the experience and knowledge of today’s winemakers who have truly helped make it a Rosé Renaissance.

There are a number of Rosés that I absolutely enjoy. In my opinion they are perfect for any occasion.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Graham Beck Brut Rosé. from South Africa There is no better way than a glass Brut Rosé on a Saturday afternoon. Cheesetique, one of my favorite wine and cheeses shops, serves this delicious South African wine. Pair it with one of their fabulous cheese plates and you are in heaven!
  • 2011 Fourgeray de Beauclair: A Pinot Noir from Marsannay, France. I first experienced this wine at a wine tasting at Grape + Bean. The combination of the perfume aromatics and berries allowed me to experience the wine’s aromatics with both my nose and mouth (a great way to experience any wine or food to say the least). If you haven’t been to Grape + Bean for a wine tasting, I highly recommend doing so. They are great.
  • 2009 Northpoint Rosé from Chateau O’Brien. This is a great Virginia wine. Served chilled, this wine  infused with a hit of citrusy flavors, leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth. It’s a great picnic wine in my opinion.

Are you a fan of Rosés? Which ones are your favorites?

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