Friday Night’s Epiphany

sherinthecity110It’s been awhile since I have blogged. My plan was to blog about my fabulous trip to the South of France, but that all changed Friday night. It was beautiful in DC, and on a rare occasion, I went out. I and every other single woman their 30s, hoping to spark a conversation with an eligible bachelor. Yes, I did say ME and EVERY other single woman living in Arlington.

But, that’s not what made the night an “episode of Sex and the City (yes,I am going back to one of my favorite shows). It was what my friend Gita said and what came after. We were walking down Clarendon Boulevard surrounded by a bunch of people in their 20s. Feeling somewhat discouraged that we didn’t engage in conversation with at least one interesting person, we made our way to grab a quick bite to eat, we heard in Hindi “There is so much crime here (or something a long those lines). Passing us, were two Indian men much much shorter than us (people tend to call those of us born here ABCD. We call these guys FOBs) Gita and I looked at each other as if someone had just punched us in the stomach. “Oh my god,” Gita said, “Is that all that’s left?Is this a sign?”

I really hope that’s not all that’s left. I am trying to date. I have gone on date after date after date. My friends and family say I am too picky. But, I am not. I just want to meet a nice guy who enjoys culture,  travel and has good manners, and maybe resembles George Clooney or John Hamm (I am kidding!).

No, let’s be serious here for a second. I have a lot of single, fabulous friends. We are all  attractive, have great careers, lovely homes, and wonderful circle of friends. But, when it comes to finding Mr. Right, only a few of us have found them. Is it because our expectations are so high? Is it that we are set in our ways and may come across intimidating? Is it we are just TOO independent?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know this, being single is fine, but having someone around would be nice. Just saying!








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