Sher in the City – Then and Now

cropped-sherinthecity002.jpgTen years ago, I returned to Washington DC after spending five years in my hometown of Charleston, SC.  Single and excited to be back in the city, I chose to live in the trendy Arlington neighborhood  of Shirlington, and continued pursuing my career in public relations and writing. And, so  – Sher in the City was born.

As stated in the about section of the blog (which btw, is a little bit outdated), Sher in the City served as a platform for me to share my adventures, as well as my passion for food, wine and travel –which I did.

What Happened to Sher in the City

Did the adventures end? Did the passion for all loved at 30 change over the years? Not exactly. But, my passion for writing did.  Many writers experience something called “writer’s block” at some point. Even though I had all these things that I wanted to write about – when it came to actually writing them – well, I just couldn’t. So, I decided to take a break, a long break.

Is Sher in the City Still Relevant?

When I decided to launch Sher in the City, I was  in my early 30s and single. Whether it was catching up with friends over mimosas at Sunday  brunch or  dining at on U Street, I found myself in the District several times a week.

15193494_10157793393320057_3452394494297694948_nAnd while I still enjoy meandering through the city streets of District and attending shows at the Kennedy Center often, I am going through my own revitalization personally.

For years, the cosmopolitan side of me was “comfortable.” But, now at 40,  no longer alone, I am tapping outside my comfort zone like:

  • Experiencing life beyond the city like hiking in Acadia National Park in Maine
  • Breaking a board doing a flying side kick at Taekwondo
  •  Staying grounded
  • And most importantly, enjoying what I have today versus what life maybe years from now 

So What Can Readers Expect Now?

Name change? Possibly. But for now, I want to take Sher in the City in a different direction, and hope that my experiences will inspire you, my readers, to step out of your comfort zones.

I hope you’ll  stick around.  I am eager to start sharing them with you.